Alexandra Knopf

(479) 721-4352


2021 - 2023 Shopstyle, Rakuten (Remote) Senior Java Engineer
Design and optimize the prompt to get product descriptions from OpenAi
Design and Implementation of an application to get product descriptions and attributes from OpenAi
Lead the team transferring retailer product feeds to another vendor
Designed and developed an application to compare retailer product feeds
Wrote code to parse additional fields in retailer product feeds
Merged code to production in my first week on the job
2015 - 2021 Walmart Global Technology Bentonville, Arkansas Analyst Software Engineer
Learned Kotlin to create a microservice to send drug information to our pharmacy application
Implemented a feature to send tracking information to patients for prescription home delivery
Learned Python to implement a feature to read secrets from config files that could be automatically replaced so password rotations could be automated
Learned JavaScript to replace a form in a pharmacy application with a cloud-based solution so we can offload work from several hundred stores to a central location to minimize patient wait times
Implemented a Continuous Deployment pipeline with unit and integration tests
Refactored code of 4 closely related projects to remove duplicate code. Replaced C code with C++ in key functions to increase performance (by 30%) and stability.
Completed InfoSec Ambassador training
2012 - 2014 e­Cigar GmbH Neustadt am Rübenberge, Germany Web Programmer
Designed and implemented a website that lists the best selling products and integrated it into the online shop system.
Designed and implemented an internal website listing all products currently for sale, calculating next order date and size to minimize out-of-stocks with minimal inventory despite long lead-times
Automated creating and deleting daily database backups
Removed malicious Javascript from over 50 php pages after a cyber attack
Created a mirror of the production server to simplify testing and development of new features


SkillsSQL, C, C++, JavaScript, C#, Python, Java, PHP, NoSQL
TechnologiesNode, Express, React, Angular, Spring, Azure, AWS